ABS Consultants is a consulting firm that offers taxation, consulting, deal services and audit services Tanzania  to clients of different sizes, scopes, scales and business verticals. ABS Consultants is registered with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors of Tanzania and thus complies with the professional regulatory framework of Tanzania to offer professional services to its clients.

To this extent the firm offers highly customized services of audit services Tanzania. It also offers taxation and fulfillment of the requirements of compliance, regulatory and governance issues.

We are an organization with proven competencies in the implementation of standard operating procedures for the fulfilment of legal, taxation and accounting documentation and process management. We enable clients from different verticals to embrace the values of accountability, equity and transparency in corporate governance and thereby abide by the law of the land as stipulated by the business regulatory framework of Tanzania. The value proposition of our audit services Tanzania extends beyond compliance. By enabling our clients practice corporate governance of the highest standards we enable them achieve the desired levels of mutual trust with shareholders, institutional investors and bankers, thereby creating intangible assets of goodwill and consolidating the market capitalization plank for growth. The trust that is created through systematization of accounting, internal audit and assurance, streamlining of human resource functions like payroll management, attendance management and recruitment, goes beyond the realms of compliance and leads to proactive top management level leadership, crystal clear vision of issues and challenges that need to be tackled to achieve growth and offers top business executives a strategic blueprint of the measures that need to be implemented. Over the years we have allowed our clients to be in control of their business by offering them insights for action based on internal audit, tax planning, audit services, risk management, human resource management, regulatory services and more to resolve challenges of CRG (compliance, regulation and governance).